Bicycle Buying Guide: Get The Right Bike

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy?

Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. But the question is, what do you do to keep yourself healthy? Riding a bicycle is considered an effective way. Priorly the people of rural areas are used to riding bicycles for their convenience. However, the trend of bicycles is spreading worldwide with the exponential increase in petrol and diesel prices. Also, individuals belonging to high-class families with the need for physical fitness usually can be seen riding a bicycle.

Avon Newage Cycles Private Limited Launched the Cambio bicycle brand to target market demand and well-equipped machinery.

In India, there is high demand for bicycles. If you want to buy a bicycle online in India, you must read this article. This article is an overview of how to Buy Bicycles onlineBicycle online India, Bicycle India Price, etc.

Bicycle India Price: Ranging from start to higher rates.

If you want to buy a bicycle online in India, firstly, get acknowledged with the bicycle India price. Bicycles are also available online in India. You can also buy bicycles online in India.

Bicycle India prices are variable depending on size

Cambio Bicycle India PriceSize – 26 TSize- 27.5 TSize – 29 T
Cambio Milan25.290 INR26,190 INR27,000 INR
Cambio Soho27,270 INR28,440 INR
Cambio Melfi25,290 INR26,190 INR27,000 INR
Cambio Eton26,190 INR28,440 INR29,430 INR
Cambio Chester27,270 INR26,190 INR27,000 INR
Cambio Turin25,290 INR26,190 INR
Cambio Roger27,270 INR28,440 INR29,430 INR
Cambio Denver27,270 INR28,440 INR29,430 INR

Several designs as per budget required on Cambio Bicycle Online India

First, consider your budget; Cambio bicycle has a collection of bikes divided into various ranges from low to high.

Here are some designed bicycle products mentioned




Cambio: A Premium series of Bicycle India Price

Cambio has launched bicycle brands of various sizes available in the market; or can also find bicycles online in India

With modern technology and functions, Cambio offers a wide range of bicycles with high-quality features and appearances. It is manufactured as a result of German engineering. The company’s slogan is “Be the change,” which manifests in their superior designs. 

Various sizes are available: 26T, 27.5T, and 29T. Cambio offers a vast range of 21 & 24-speed alloy.

Cambio was introduced as a modern product firm built by Avon Plant with a 100 crore investment. The Avon Newage Plant is expanded to a 16-acre area with cutting-edge equipment and procedures. The plant is situated in Ludhiana. The company wants to ensure customers in terms of quality and amount. Business is expanding from 5000 bicycle manufacturing in a day to 10000 bicycles.

Where to Buy bicycles Online in India?

If you want to buy bicycles online in India, the company sets itself apart from others.

Cambio offers a safe, reliable delivery with twelve months of warranty.

Visit the official site of Cambio bikes,

Go on the option of Shop Now.

Choose the size option according to the requirement

Choose your preferred color.

Put your pin code

Or, if you want to compare, there is also an option.

You can also add the selected to the bucket list at ‘Add To Cart.’

Place order

The bike is ready to ride at you.

Be free of worries.

Book Now Online:

You can also book to buy a bicycle online in India by following websites:

Benefits of Buying Cambio Bicycle online in India

There are a significant amount of benefits to buying a cambio bicycle online in India; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Safe shipping till your doorsteps
  • Professionally damage proof protection packing
  • Getting an assembled bike till 82-85%; whenever reach to doorsteps ready for the seamless ride.
  • Ride as hard as you can due to 12 months or a year of warranty.
  • The professionally-verified technician will ensure the proper operation of bikes.
  • Wide range of bikes
  • Authentication from PAN India network.
  • Free lock and reflector jacket with the Cambio bicycle.

More interesting information about Cambio bicycles online in India.

In the successful launch of the Cameo bicycle premium brand, many North Indian well-known identities related to bicycle dealing or sponsors reached there. Everyone praised the team Cambio & the leading HR for the collection.

Statement of CMD

Sh. Onkar Singh Pahwa, CMD, Avon Cycles Ltd., stated that Cambio is our starting point for manufacturing premium quality bicycles and well-equipped machinery. The Ludhiana plant was built to produce quantity with quality to fulfill both the requirements.

Avon cycles private limited also celebrated its 70th anniversary of the company.

Acknowledgment of best features of Cambio Bicycle online in India

Cambio is a newly launched brand from recognized Avon Private limited. If you want to buy a quality bicycle, you need to configure some searches such as

  • Bicycle India Price.
  • Cambio Bicycle Online India
  • Cambio Bicycle online in India
  • Way to Buy Bicycle India.

These searches will lead or direct you to the point where you can get acknowledged with all the features and spare parts knowledge of the bicycle. It will help you to decide on the required bicycle.

Recommendation & Testimonial: Buy Bicycle India

Specifically designed brand of bicycle with lots of features recommended by the Avon Bicycle Private Limited. With premium features and build-up, providing comfort comes in a colorful range. Full of impressive specifications loaded with high demands showing a bloom to the market.

Testimonials by the buyers are crucial proof of a trait that specifies its uniqueness.

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