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6 Essential Tips to Ensure a Safe Mountain Bike Riding Experience

Riding on mountains is an exhilarating experience. The sheer adrenaline rush and performance thrills get your blood pumping. However, due care needs to be taken. As the old dictum says, “speed thrills but kills”. We’re all sometimes guilty of complacency when it comes to safety. The longer we go without a humble reminder that mountain biking comes with its fair share of risks, the easier it is to relax our safety standards.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, there are vital steps you can take to protect yourself and others on the trail. The following 6 essential safety tips make certain that you have a smooth and safe riding experience:

1. Get the Suitable Gear

Pay Special Attention to Protection of Head

When riding a mountain bike in India, you want to choose a bike helmet that will protect your head against different terrains. Unknown hazards are found in the mountains and the woods.

Compared to a person cycling around town, there are high chances of a mountain biker getting hit in the face by a low-hanging tree branch and getting knocked off their bike backward, instead of forwards.

It is better to consider a full-face or convertible style helmet that offers additional protection to your face and the back of the head.


Gloves help you keep a solid grip on the bar of the bike. While fingerless gloves are an available option, full-fingered gloves offer better protection: skinned knuckles can be a painful experience similar to skinned palms. It is better to invest in a good full-fingered pair of gloves for added protection.


You want materials that are rugged and durable, and fitting clothes. It is possible to get scratches through the tree branches or a fall in the worst case. Moreover, make sure nothing is baggy that you need to worry about getting tangled in your bike chain or snagging on your surroundings. You can also buy pads to protect elbows, wrists, and knees, or jackets designed with in-build padding.


The eyes form the most delicate organ of our body. It is imperative to protect them from bugs, debris, high-speed wind, and glare with goggles or glasses. Get eye protection that is suitable for mountain biking or designed for impact. Specialized eye gear designed for mountain biking must be used to prevent broken glasses or metal fragments from hurting your eyes in case of an unfortunate crash.

2. Assess Your Skill Level

Plan your ride taking into account your skill level and the skill level of those riding with you. Even if you ride one of the best mountain bikes in India. Select a trail that matches your ability. Furthermore, you are the best judge of your riding ability. When it comes to a section of the trail you think is above your ability, listen to logic and your gut instinct. Walk that section instead of riding your bike.

There is no guilt in making responsible decisions – especially if it promotes your safety, as well as the safety of fellow mountain bikers. The more trail sections you walk, the sooner your skill recognition will become. Eventually, you would become a pro-rider, riding sections that were once off-limits.

3. Prepare Your Body for the Ride

Make sure you are hydrated and carry water and snacks for the ride. As you are riding continuously, be aware of your fatigue level. If you feel tired or worn out, take a break or call it a day and head toward home. Fatigue can impact your reaction times and can lead to serious injuries while biking in the mountains.

4. Invest in a High-Quality Mountain Bicycle

This point cannot be highlighted enough. You are as safe as you ride. Moreover, the mountain bike price in India varies based on different factors such as suspension, tire size, features, number of gears, etc. You can buy mountain bikes online from Cambio provides a one-stop solution to your mountain bicycle needs. They have a vast range of german engineered bikes that exudes quality. Furthermore, the bikes are aggressively priced providing you access to the best of both worlds. Quality as well as affordability. One can visit their website to view a wide array of mountain bike cycle.

5. Bring Necessary Supplies

While going for a mountain ride, plan to include the mobile with the charger and a first-aid kit in your pack. It’s better to plan for an emergency than stand unprepared in the middle of the woods. There is a chance if you get unfortunately hurt on the trail, you might encounter mobile network issues to call for help. Treating injuries with a first-aid kit can be lifesaving until you can access a professional aid.

6. Get Familiar with the Trail

It is better to take it easy if it’s your first time on a trail. Don’t take any pressure to take risks that could be threatening. You will encounter rocks, roots, drops, and all kinds of obstacles during your rides, so if your skills are not up to par with what lies ahead, it’s worth taking some extra precautions. Get to know the trail by walking difficult sections, checking for surprises around blind corners, and constantly scanning the trail ahead of you. Never get overconfident if you’ve never ridden the trail.

7. Slow down for blind corners

Going quickly through blind corners could be a life-threatening experience. It’s better to take slow and steady while going through such turns. Fortunately, there are critical riding techniques that can increase your line of vision, visibility, and overall control. One common technique to use while approaching a 180-degree turn is to ride along the outside of the corner, not the inside; riding on the inside increases your blind spot. Such a technique can maximize your visibility.

Lastly, you must follow the above-mentioned safety tips to the T to ensure an unforgettable and memorable experience while at the same time, keeping you safe, healthy, and harmless.

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