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7 best Ways to Improve Average Speed on a Road Bike

Each biker experiences a craving for speed. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, the desire to pick up the pace is universal. In addition to boosting one’s confidence, riding a mountain bike in India at a good speed is also helpful for one’s health. While it’s true that practice and patience are necessary for gaining speed, there are a number of other things that can make you ride your best mountain bike more quickly.

Here are 7 ways you can improve your average speed on a mountain bike:

Overcome Wind Resistance

Handling the wind resistance is the primary difficulty that any beginner cyclist experiences. Any person’s speed can be slowed down by the wind. By lowering your body position on the bike, you can easily get around this problem. If you are aware that the wind’s velocity is slowing you down, slouch a little bit on the bike rather than sitting up straight. By bending and tucking your elbows, try to maintain your body as close to the bars as possible. You’ll notice the change right away.

Listening to Music

One’s mood is greatly affected by music, which is also known to improve one’s spirits. Even when you want to boost your bike speed, this approach works. Numerous studies have demonstrated that riding while listening to upbeat music lessens your exertion. But whenever you are cycling while wearing headphones, pay attention to other safety regulations and your cycling posture.

Riding in Groups

Although riding in a group is the best way to boost speed, you can spend some quality time and serenity with yourself while mountain biking alone. Your average speed will rise as a result of riding with other people in a number of ways. This encourages you to pedal your bike harder and longer.

The drafting effect, however, is what makes riding in a group so advantageous. According to estimates, a cyclist can save up to 40% of the energy needed to ride in front by riding at the back. Again, more miles will help you become more proficient because drafting safely and successfully takes practice.

When you watch a road race, the riders further back frequently freewheel even while those in the head of the pack are clearly exerting a lot of work. This is due to drafting. And that explains in part why the professional mountain bike rider can maintain such a fast pace.

The reason sprinters have a lead-out train is because they will often ride behind their colleagues to save energy for the vital final sprint to the finish line.

A wonderful place to locate other cyclists to ride with is through clubs. Most will schedule group rides at various speeds, allowing you to choose one you can keep up with and advance to a faster group as your speed and experience grow.

Check tyre pressure

Make sure your bike’s tyres are inflated properly. Your cycling will seem effortless and you’ll be able to roll more quickly with properly inflated tyres. So, before each ride, check the tyre pressure. They can occasionally become supple as a result of temperature fluctuations and mild air seepage.

The greatest road bike india tyres will ride much more quickly than less expensive substitutes. Faster tyres are surprisingly effective and economical. A simple approach to improve your road bike is to swap to faster rubber because some manufactures skimp on tyres when speccing a build.

Many of the newest bikes will have wheels and tyres that are tubeless-ready. Due to the reduction in friction between the inner tube and the tyre casing, running tubeless has been proved to be more efficient than using tubes. If you can’t run tubeless, latex tubes are more effective than the typical butyl version.

Avoid unnecessary brakes

Try to use the bicycle’s brake less frequently. Unnecessary braking slows you down, forcing you to pedal more quickly to pick up speed. Do not apply the brakes if the road is clear, there are no obstacles, or there is no need to slow down.

A faster descent will give you more momentum to bring you halfway up the next uphill on a road that is undulating. If you time it correctly, you might avoid having to use your tiny chainring and avoid suffering a significant speed loss in order to reach the top of the next ridge. Starting a climb at a modest speed will be more difficult and time-consuming.

Your average speed will rise as you become a better cornerer. Once more, practice is key, along with making adjustments to your steering through the bend and your understanding of how to use the drops to lower your center of gravity.

Interval Training

The quickest technique to increase riding speed is to do this. With interval training, you can cycle faster for a little period of time, slow down to recuperate, and then cycle quickly once more.

Wear tight-fitted clothes

It’s important to consider your clothing choices when riding a mountain bike in India. It is crucial to wear cycling-specific clothing that is form-fitting. The fabric is intended to keep you dry and cool. Second, wearing clothing that is too loose or poorly fitted adds a lot of drag and reduces speed.

Baggy equipment can behave as a sail and slow you down in the wind, but tightly fitting Lycra clothes won’t flap in the breeze like that.

There are gains to be obtained with entry-level equipment, despite the fact that MTB Cycle clothing makers emphasize the aero benefits of their more expensive garments more and more. With technological equipment that offers greater heat and perspiration control, you’ll also feel more comfortable.

Clothing can significantly impact performance at the marginal gains end of the performance range. While the greatest riders examine its impact on drag in a wind tunnel, time trialists will wear a skinsuit to cut through the wind.

You may lower your drag without spending a penny by using equipment like an aero helmet and shoe covers. You can even buy aero socks.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this blog is informative and helps you in improving your average speed on a road bike india. So long as everything is kept in good condition, you should have some extra free speed while riding. Visit, one of the top bike brands in India and check out some great mountain bikes for your next adventure!

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