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Cambio MTB Bikes – A Class Apart

Mountain bikes have been known to challenge bikers and bike lovers to push their limits so that they can reach their maximum potential. There has been an increase in the number of mountain bike manufacturers in this country which has been testimony to the fact that biking in itself has been accepted as a major adventure sport now. Gone are the days when biking or riding a bicycle was supposed to be an indicator of someone’s poor socioeconomic indicator. These days people, out of their love for biking and riding have taken to organizing many bike riding clubs and other ventures that promote the idea of community biking that not only helps in improving our fitness levels but also promotes a sense of teamwork, community-help, and personal bonding. These things have taken place in the last few years only when riding a bike has taken off in this country. Cambio’s full suspension mountain bike has been a household name in this country now owing to its superior field performance.

These days a lot of cross-country bicycle races are being organized with help from many sponsors who have taken a keen interest in this domain. This just goes on to show the tremendous potential that biking has in this country across all age groups. Youngsters have been a focus age group when it comes to organizing cyclothons, cross-city cycle marathons, and even cross-country cyclothons. People from all age groups have been interested in making a mark for themselves in this specific domain due to the not-so-complicated nature of this sport. For this, Cambio has been producing the best MTB cycle in India.

Mountain bikes are something else though. They don’t cater to the usual folks who ride a bicycle just for the purpose of commuting in the city. But they have their eyes on those who have the heart to take up challenges and push their physical stamina and endurance to the brink in order to really know what they are capable of. People can unleash their natural biking instincts when they know that the bike they are riding will not fail their expectations no matter what. Cambio’s dual suspension mountain bike has been giving the public just that. It has assured great serviceability and adaptability in tough conditions that have ensured a good name among the general masses. The top-class ergonomically sound design of the full suspension mountain bike has added many feathers to Cambio’s brand image

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Mountain biking has been known to challenge the unquenched thirst we have in our bellies and anyone who has had the gumption to take their personal growth journey to the maximum has had the urge to take a chance with a mountain bike. This is what makes mountain bikes truly special. Going up and down the rough and uneven terrain, mountain biking has a lot of life analogies attached to it too. Only a biker would know the difference in his/her personality before and after biking. This is not only something that makes us physically tough, but it also promotes mental toughness which is an asset in a person’s life. Biking has always been regarded as an exhilarating physical outdoor sport that has the potential to push human boundaries beyond what we can possibly imagine. This has been the case for several years now, and it always will be. There is something about mountain biking that can not be compared to anything else.

Cambio has been producing top-of-line mountain bikes for many years now. It has also been at the forefront of introducing German technology when it comes to advancing the various upgrades in the realm of mountain bikes in India. This has led to the culmination of a certain degree of trust for its brand name in the eyes of the general public. Based out in Ludhiana, Punjab, it has produced the widest range of mountain and regular city bikes for consumers at an affordable price that has satiated the thirst of people for more adventure. The dual suspension mountain bike has been considered to be the best in class due to its higher shock-absorbing capacity. It is well known that riding a bike on rough and hilly terrain is something that can be negotiated only by using a dual-suspension mountain bike. Cambio has been at the forefront of producing world-class mountain bikes in this regard.

The MTB (Mountain Terrain Bike) segment has been relegated to an elite class in India and has seen several bike manufacturers trying their luck in it. But the MTB bike price in India has been produced by Cambio as per several industry reports. There is a growing demand for more such variants and it is pretty decent to expect Cambio to come up with some more of their mountain bikes equipped with state-of-the-art German technology. They have been producing full suspension mountain bikes in the past too and that has contributed to their increased market share in this segment. Their dual-suspension cycle has been coming out in various modules. Some of them have gears and some don’t.  Their dual-suspension cycle without gear is also something that has garnered enough appreciation from the general public.  These cycles and bikes have been used extensively for trekking and off-roading purposes. Their trek full-suspension bikes have had a fan club of their own. This has really accentuated the aura of mountain bikes in India.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Cambio has also been giving bikes at 85% assembled condition which has added to its good brand image. The serviceability has been a constant thorn in the leg for mountain bike manufacturers and Cambio has successfully overcome that. This has led to a situation that it has had to now open service centers in many major cities in India. This has ensured more popularity for the brand and has increased public support for it. The warranty period has been increased to 12 months which has also increased the viability to buy a Cambio mountain bike. There are several customer testimonials that have testified their immense satisfaction with the various services that Cambio has provided over the past few years. It is no big surprise that it is considered the best MTB cycle in India. It’s a name that is well-earned. Their full-suspension mountain bikes have had a different charm of their own and that has led to the culmination of where Cambio stands today. This is just the beginning though. With their top-of-the-line products and services, this is just the beginning.

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