Cycling vs Running

Cycling vs Running: Deciding Your Preferred Workout

Winters always come with a promise we make to ourselves to get fitter. We look for the most effective and efficient ways to shed those extra kgs in our endeavor to become fitter versions of ourselves. Cardiovascular workouts make it easy for us to lose weight and meet our fitness goals

Among the most popular cardiovascular workouts, cycling vs running or cycling vs jogging makes it to the top to get in shape quickly. As a beginner or fitness enthusiast, selecting the right one will help in your calorie-burning, muscle-toning, and weight-shredding benefits of these two impactful workouts. Hence, we will list the benefits of each to make your decision easier.  

1. Calories Burned

It always boils down to the calories burned with each workout. When comparing running vs cycling calories burnt, various factors, such as weight, intensity and terrain, come into play. The heavier the person, the more calories they burn. As mentioned above, intensity plays an important role. Intensity influences calorie burn. A faster pace can burn more calories. While running can burn more calories compared to long cycling, the duration can match running calorie expenditure. It is easier to get fatigued in running than in cycling.  

2. Losing Weight

If losing weight is your key goal, then both are helpful. Running has a higher impact with increased intensity. Cycling can support weight loss with low-impact, sustained aerobic exercise. In running, you get a holistic workout, which aids in building muscles in the long run. Cycling promotes fat loss while being gentler on joints. High-intensity running takes a notch above if a metabolism rate comparison is done. Whereas cycling fights back as it can be done for a longer duration. 

3. Muscles Targeted 

Muscles targeted in cycling vs jogging are different. Running is a full-body workout that targets your core, back, and upper body apart from your leg muscles. In comparison, a road bike can be used for commuting, which also helps in a full-body workout, whereas the use of the best MTB cycles makes your workout more fun as you can explore unknown terrains and enjoy. 

4. Toning muscle

Running works your entire body and burns more calories so it can be better for toning muscles. If you want to see results, you may need to adjust your diet and incorporate some weight exercise.

Low body fat and general physical fitness are typically associated with the appearance of toned, lean muscles. While you have no control over where your body gains or loses fat, you do have control over the muscles you develop.

One study state that exercising four to five times a week was proven beneficial in preserving muscle tone in active older persons Trusted Source. The secret to toning is to work out for extended periods without wearing out your muscles. Running for longer periods at a low pace could help you appear more toned.

In comparison, leg muscles are engaged, which results in lower body toning. Uphill cycling intensifies efforts, which helps you to sculpt leg muscles dynamically. You can use varied terrains to challenge muscles, giving you a proper toned muscle look.

5. Heart Health

Running and cycling have similar effects on heart health and are similarly beneficial to your body in terms of strengthening your muscles. While jogging and cycling in moderation are both good forms of exercise for your heart, engaging in excessively vigorous exercise can be detrimental to your heart. But it would help if you made sure that riding a bike is an excellent cardio exercise because it might be more beneficial and low impact.

Closing Thoughts

Cycling and running go hand in hand, although both are equally beneficial. Aside from this, whatever option you choose, you must be able to take pleasure in the task and persevere in order to reap the rewards and experience improved outcomes. These pursuits are also excellent means of staving off boredom and achieving particular goals like weight loss and improved lifestyle. 

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How many km of cycling is equal to running?

It is almost 1.6 to 1.8 times. It roughly translates that if you run 5 kms, then 8 to 9 kms will offer an equal workout. 

Is it better to jog or bike?

It depends on your end goals. While jogging gives you a holistic workout, biking tends to help focus more on lower body.   

Is cycling as good as running for weight loss?

Yes, both are good. Running is more high intensity as compared to cycling. While you can burn more calories in running as compared to cycling. The low intensity of cycling helps you burn more calories in the long run.

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