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Epic Mountain Bike Rides Destinations in India

India has a rich tapestry with diverse landscapes. Whether you look from North to South, the Northern Himalayas offer snowy peaks with stunning views, which are apt for trekking. Now, if you move to the Western Ghats, which provide dense forests, waterfalls, and wildlife safaris, the Eastern Ghats have coastal cliffs, rock climbing, and scenic drives, making them a sight to behold. Similarly, the Nilgiri Hills are known for their tea plantations, trekking routes and tribal experiences. 

Moreover, everything has in common the promise of exciting, adrenaline-rushing outdoor adventure. Now, when we talk about adventure, mountain biking comes to mind. India offers an ideal backdrop for mountain biking enthusiasts wanting to experience the thrill of outdoor cycling in stunning natural surroundings.

Riding a mountain gear bike in this stunning backdrop makes your blood pump. Moreover, the craze for riding mountain bikes in India is at an all-time high. Mountain biking is emerging as a favorite among numerous thrill seekers. Mountain bike cycle riding allows you to explore the explored. 

Hence, this certainly is the best time to buy a bicycle online in India, especially mountain biking. With their growing popularity and mass-scale production, mountain bike prices have decreased reasonably, making them accessible.

The mountains are majestic and hold different treasures. Here are the incredible terrains and landscapes that will make you love mountain biking even more.


Known as the “Land of High Passes,” Ladakh boasts some of India’s most breathtaking and challenging mountain bike routes. It is home to the world’s highest motorable road, the 18,380-foot-high Khardung La Pass. The rugged terrain offers the perfect platform for mountain biking. The higher the risk, the higher the return. As a reward, you are blessed with breathtaking panoramas.


Manali is a popular destination for mountain bikers visiting the Himachal Pradesh region. Even the most experienced bikers will find the area’s rocky pathways, steep inclines, and rugged terrain challenging. This trail is one of the hardest to complete because it crosses through some of the most difficult passes in the Lesser Himalayas and has enormous scenery in the background.


Mountain bikers love Munnar, in the Indian state of Kerala, as a vacation destination. The area has gorgeous tea plantations and rolling hills, making it a great place to explore on mountain bikes. South India is one of the greenest places on earth, and Munnar is a must-see. There are trails and routes in Munnar for cyclists of all skill levels. Munnar boasts abundant vegetation, including shola woods, tea gardens, & cardamom farms, which awe visitors & leave them yearning for more rejuvenating natural marvels.


The Greater Himalayan region is an exciting place to bike. The adrenaline of mountain biking in Kumaon will compensate for the less enjoyable terrain compared to a regular road. The remote valleys and biking through the ancient cultures make it a definite visit. 

Riding a mountain bike in Kumaon is an enchanting experience that enthralls you as you travel a less comfortable course than regular highways. The course is a perfect for experienced cyclists with a soft spot for rugged sports, including steep ascents, rugged terrain, rocky paths, and loads of flora. 

Closing Thoughts

India offers various places to visit for mountain biking, a great sport to enjoy. When looking for the ideal ride partner, Cambio Bikes is your one-stop shop for mountain biking. You can buy cycles online and make your everyday special. The mountain bicycle in India price is affordable while offering cutting-edge technology and innovation. 


In India, what types of terrain are suitable for MTB bicycles?

Rugged, off-road terrains are suitable for MTB bicycles. Basically, such mountain bikes are built for such off-road conditions only. 

How do I choose the right size for an MTB bicycle?

The MTB bicycle sizes are 26, 27, and 28T. Based on your height, you can select the size that best fits you. 

Can beginners ride MTB bicycles?

Yes, beginners can ride MTB bicycles. They are very user-friendly. If you know how to ride a standard bicycle, you can quickly learn to ride an MTB cycle.

For optimal performance, how should I maintain my Cambio Bike MTB?

It is essential to regularly service your MTB cycle and keep it in pristine condition by washing it regularly. Debris and mud can be detrimental to your MTB’s health. Pay attention to these things to maintain your MTB for optimal performance. 

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