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Discover the Adventure: Explore India’s Scenic MTB Trails with Cambio Bikes

Embark on an unforgettable mountain biking odyssey across India’s iconic trails. Conquer the awe-inspiring Leh-Zanskar route in Ladakh, navigating through high-altitude desert-scapes. In Himachal Pradesh, the legendary Manali-Leh trail beckons with its challenging ascents and breathtaking descents.

Explore the enchanting Kangra Valley, a mountain biking haven in Himachal Pradesh, or adventure into the diverse terrains of Kumaon and Garhwal in Uttarakhand. For a coastal biking experience, pedal through the scenic trails of Coorg in Karnataka or embrace the lush greenery of Munnar in Kerala. Each destination unfolds a chapter of adventure, where culture meets adrenaline amidst nature’s grandeur.

1. Leh-Zanskar – Ladakh

Over a period of 14 days, the Leh-Zanskar mountain bike tour entails demanding cycling at an average elevation of 4500 meters. Greetings from one of the most challenging mountain cycling routes in India! This journey will put your knowledge, endurance, zeal, and all the other qualities that make a strong mountain biker to the test. It is renowned for providing India’s most incredible mountain biking experience.

Whether you flip, ride over obstacles, or do gravity-defying tricks, this track across the “roof of the world” has everything you need to keep you enthralled for a very long time. The Leh-Zanskar bike route, explicitly designed for thrill-seekers, takes riders through passes, valleys, and some of the narrowest, most treacherous lanes. Maximum daredevilry is tested as the tour goes on, with increasing difficulty levels. Trekking in the Zanskar Valley is renowned for its thrilling adventures.

2. Manali–Leh–Himachal Pradesh

The Manali-Leh trail, which passes through the most breathtaking parts of the Himalayas, is regarded as India’s most thrilling and feared mountain bike route. The route begins in Manali and travels across the Himalayas to reach Khardungla, the world’s highest motorable road.

This trail is one of the hardest to complete because it crosses through some of the most challenging passes in the Lesser Himalayas and has enormous scenery in the background. Dare to finish it at least once in your lifetime so that you can tell tales of genuine excitement. In India, this is the greatest location for mountain biking.

3.  Kangra Valley – Himachal Pradesh

For most adventure riders, mountain biking in the Kangra Valley is one of those daring hobbies they live for. It’s one of the most difficult mountain treks in India because of the captivating views of the Dhaula Dhar range, tea gardens, & pines along the route. The 260 km course enchants riders to test their boundaries and conquer difficulties as it winds through the breathtaking Kangra Valley. The route’s sheer drops and difficult climbs will continue challenging your inner adventurer.

The track is one of the most popular mountain bike routes in the Himalayas; it begins in Delhi and ends at Bhatrojkhan, passing through the most picturesque areas of Uttarakhand. One of India’s most fascinating mountain bike routes is this one.

4. Kumaon – Uttarakhand

You only need a bike ride across the Greater Himalayan region to raise your heart rate. Riding a mountain bike in Kumaon is a captivating experience that will enthral you as you travel a less comfy course than regular highways. The course is a pleasure for experienced cyclists with a soft spot in their hearts for extreme sports, consisting of high ascents, rugged terrain, rocky paths, and lots of flora.

The track is one of the most popular mountain bike routes in the Himalayas; it begins in Delhi and ends at Bhatrojkhan, passing through the most picturesque areas of Uttarakhand. One of India’s most fascinating mountain bike routes is this one.

5. Garhwal – Uttarakhand

Garhwal is another well-liked mountain biking tour in India that can unleash your inner adventure rider. At a maximum elevation of 2700 meters above sea level, the Garhwal mountain riding offers some of the most incredible experiences that experienced riders seek.

The track winds through a mild mixture of rivers, valleys, mountains, woods, glaciers, and rare animal species that only get better as you go. The tour showcases the best of the Garhwal area. The entire circuit has an unmatched appeal that will captivate even the most experienced riders.

6. Coorg – Karnataka

For the rest of their lives, one tends to treasure mountain riding on Coorg’s winding paths, surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views. Coorg has several distinct routes, and each offers a unique experience. One gets you over steep terrain, while the other takes you through jungles covered in waterfalls and canopies of towering trees. The aromatic plantations of tea and coffee only enhance the unparalleled experience.

7. Munnar – Kerala

One of the greenest places on earth is South India, and Munnar is at the top of the list of must-see locations. Munnar provides the best mountain biking in India, with routes and trails suitable for all skill levels. Munnar boasts an abundance of lush vegetation, including shola woods, tea gardens, and cardamom farms, which awe visitors and leave them yearning for more rejuvenating natural marvels.

Closing Thoughts

Join us for an exhilarating MTB cycling adventure across India’s breathtaking landscapes, exploring unparalleled cycling routes. While searching for MTB trails near me online, whether Ladakh’s Leh-Zanskar or navigating the challenging terrains of Himachal Pradesh’s Manali-Leh, each trail promises an adrenaline-packed journey. Discover mountain bike trails near you in the serene Kangra Valley or Uttarakhand’s Kumaon and Garhwal regions.

Uncover coastal delights in Coorg, Karnataka, or lush greenery in Munnar, Kerala. Plan your adventure wisely, considering the best time to visit these bike trails in these regions. As you gear up for an unmatched biking experience, ride with Cambio Bikes – your trusted companion for premium performance and unmatched durability in mountain biking.


Which state is famous for bicycles?

Punjab is famous for manufacturing bicycles. Cambio Bikes’ state-of-the-art factories are situated in Punjab.

Which is the highest bike route in India?

Khar dung La is the highest bike route in India.

What is the famous mountain bike trail?

Spiti Valley is among the most famous mountain bike trails in India.

Where is mountain biking in India?

Leh, Manali, Kangra Valley, and Kumaon are famous mountain biking places in India.

Why is mountain biking famous?

Mountain biking is a popular sport in India. It provides an adrenaline rush and the ability to explore nature fully.

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