Best MTB Cycles

Off-Road Adventures Await: Shop the Best MTB Cycles

Are you on the lookout to begin your cycling journey? Has the riding bug bitten you? Do you want to indulge in the dopamine rush and a sense of freedom associated with cycling? If yes, then you are in the right place. If you were to ask about the types of cycling that have become a rage in recent years, then the answer is mountain biking.

Mountain biking has become among the most popular adventure sports in the world. The same infectious craze is taking place in India. More and more cycling enthusiasts want to try this adrenaline-rushing sport. Selecting the right MTB bike becomes the million-dollar question that supports you through thick and thin and makes each escapade worthwhile.

To make your selection easy, here is the list of Top MTB cycles money can buy that combine performance with visual appeal to enhance each and every ride of yours.

1) Cambio Chester

After buying the Cambio Chester, you won’t be in the mood for a rester. The premium mountain bike is equipped with an aluminium 6061 hardtail with internal cable routing known for its stiffness and relatively low weight. The lower kerb weight helps in better acceleration and climbing performance. In addition, the hardtail suspension helps you easily absorb the front potholes, making your offroad journey comfortable.

It is available in all standard frame sizes of 26T, 27.5T, and 29T. The front and rear 160mm mech disc brake further enhances braking performance. Available in dual tones: Matt Black / Fluoro Green, Matt Cool Grey / Fluoro Red, and Matt Process Blue / Neon Green to make your preferred pick

2) Cambio Denver

Denver is another great buy for those looking for an all-round MTB bike. It comes with a Zoom threadless fork with a mechanical lockout, making it quite an allrounder. The mechanical lockout can make for suspension adjustability, making it easy to ride smooth and flat terrain or climb steep hills alike. Moreover, premium Shimano gear shifters ensure smooth and rapid gear shifting. The 24-speed gear configuration offers various gear options, allowing you to handle diverse riding conditions.

The dynamic dual-tone shades will make your ride stand out with colours like Matt Dark Green / Neon Green Two Tone, Matt Dark Grey / Fluoro Orange Two Tone, and Matt Misty Grey / Fluoro Red Two Tone.

3) Cambio Turin

Turin is another great seller from the house of Cambio. The MTB cycle comes with the Shimano Tourney TY500 derailleur, which makes it easy to switch between the front gears smoothly without any jerks, whereas the Shimano Altus rear derailleur allows quick and sharp gear changes.

In addition, double-wall alloy rims with 36 spoke holes (36H) make for an aesthetically appealing with enhanced strength and durability. The higher spokes count distributes the load evenly, which makes it advantageous for heavier riders who engage in off-road and rugged terrain cycling.

4) Cambio Sydney 700C

Sydney 700 C stands as the flagship model in the Cambio lineup. For enhanced efficiency in power transfer, the combination of chainrings with tooth counts of 28, 38, and 48T provides a wide range of gearing options. The addition of chainguards prevents the chain from coming off or getting jammed.

Moreover, it comes packed with quick seat height adjustment, allowing for rapid and tool-free saddle height adjustment. Sydney 700 makes for a great combination of looks and features, making it a superb buy.

Closing Thoughts

The above-mentioned few are some of the popular MTB Bikes you can buy. They are value for money, packed with all the bells and whistles to make for a great buy. In addition, Cambio also offers many more performance-worthy mountain bikes with stellar looks and features. The cycle price is affordable while providing the most bang for your buck. You can buy cycles online from a range of premium MTB bikes. These German-engineered beauties will make your every journey exquisite and worth it.

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