10 Tips for Increasing Your Mountain

10 Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are a thing of beauty. The aesthetics, performance, and durability set them apart from other cycles. The exceptional care you put in during the ownership can help you fetch a decent amount while selling the best mountain cycle. Although, various factors play a crucial role in deciding the final price. The following tips can help you to get the best value for your beloved MTB Cycle.

1. Protect the Paint Job

The condition of the paint job helps to get a better resale value. Among the many factors, a shiny-looking bike or an unscratched one can make a great first impression. Rinsing, wiping, and cleaning the paint after dirty, dusty rides aid in preserving the factory’s shine. Moreover, small investments in cleaning products keep things looking new and ensure not to wipe a muddy or dirty cycle with a dry cloth.

2. Avoid Riding in Rain

Mud and water can be fatal for modern bikes. While riding during rain can be tempting, avoiding fresh mud and riding during a drizzle is always best. All the MTB parts filled with water and dirt can be prone to rust.

If your heart is set on riding in the rain, then due precautions must be taken. Mountain bikes covered in mud and dirt should be rinsed down as quickly as possible with low-pressure water and hand-dried, followed by oiling the chain and moving parts to avoid rusting.

3. Clean and Oil Your Chain!

It looks terrible to notice a drivetrain worn out or red with rust. The chain is connected to every part of the drivetrain, and nothing leads to premature wear and tear more than a neglected chain. Hence, frequent oiling with proper bike lube can add life to the condition of your chain.

Oiling is not a complex process, but for excellent results, always remember to wipe the chain, oil it links by link, and wipe it again. The mountain cycle price while selling can increase manifolds based on its condition.

4. Carry your Cycle in the Car

Many scratches seem to come from nowhere, and the biggest culprit is carrying your mountain gear cycle in a car. With ultra-wide handlebars and big wheels, many mountain cycles face difficulty fitting in compact vehicles, and deliberate attempts can ruin the precious paint jobs.

Take care when transporting the bike, or invest in a rack for easy transportation. If you fit your cycle in the car, look for rub and contact points subject to vibration, which produces scratches or wear through the paint, even during short commuting.

5. Prevent and Prepare

Regular maintenance of changing certain worn items more often helps to avoid expensive repair and parts replacement costs. Replacing brake pads and chains at regular intervals can save money by preserving the life of more costly items such as cassettes, chainrings, and brake rotors which have become expensive in recent years.

Furthermore, preventative maintenance displays care and leads to easier sales. Even the best mountain cycles in India require careful maintenance to get the best price while selling,

6. Riding skill help to avoid scratches and dents

Another important aspect is the rider’s skills and abilities. A seasoned rider can minimize the scratches and dents even while riding in the most challenging terrains. To avoid such scratches, regular time should be spent in becoming a professional rider. Moreover, various techniques can be learned to develop skills, such as counter steering.

7. Parking Indoors

An indoor parking lot has numerous benefits. Besides guarding against rain, bad weather, varying humidity, particulates, dew, corrosion, and thieves, a bike kept indoors will lead to frequent cleaning, encouraging healthier maintenance habits all around. The mountain bikes in India parked indoors benefit from increased performance and resale value.

8. Avoid Using Stickers

Covering MTB with your favorite stickers that speak volumes about your personality is a nice touch. But it can often play a spoilsport while looking to sell your cycle as the buyer, and you have different tastes, which can lead to reduced resale value. While stickers are fun, removing them is tedious. Moreover, removing them forcefully can destroy the paint job. A middle ground can be achieved by keeping the order of the stickers tasteful, and buyers might actually enjoy it.

9. Conduct a Thorough Market Research

Before listing your bike online, thorough market research can be conducted to know the resale of similar bikes. The buyer, while negotiating, will use all the tricks in his kitty to persuade you to sell at a lower price.

To avoid such a scenario, set a sale price after taking essential factors into consideration, such as age, condition, and the brand value your cycle commands. Such research aids in getting the maximum bang for the buck.

10. Choose the Right Brand

Brands are crucial when it comes to resale. The first and foremost question buyers ask is related to the brand of the cycle. Premium brands maintain their premium pricing on the used market and tend to sell more quickly. Similarly, premium brands like Cambio bikes provide german engineered premium MTB Bikes that carries good resale value. The mountain cycle price in Bangalore of Cambio Bikes is competitive and holds well even during the resale stage.

The Bottom Line

Regular servicing greatly supports your current and future experience and value. Keeping everything new rather than finding out your bike needs repair work similar to its resale value can be disheartening.

Moreover, owning a mountain cycle comes with responsibility, and selling a used bike shouldn’t be like getting rid of a worn-out used car. By adding these easy steps into a routine, a bike will perform better for you and help to fetch a better resale value quickly when it’s time to sell.

After all, a better value for the old bike leads to an even sweeter and more significant upgrade for the next one.

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