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Building a Powerful Mountain Bike Training Plan

Whenever the mountain calls, you must go. There is something peculiar about mountains. The high altitude can make you feel overwhelmed, but they can also delight you. Conquering these mountains is an arduous task. Every success for every task requires the right equipment. Mountain requires the ideal partner to aid in conquering them. Mountain bikes let you ride on off-road terrains with aplomb. 

However, the innate strength required to ride mountains tirelessly needs some planning. You need to work on your core strength. Do regular workouts to strengthen your body. There are no custom mountain bike workouts that you can work on. However, a holistic whole-body workout can make for a mountain bike training program.

Need for strength training for mountain biking.

Possessing the strength to hold on and fend off forces coming out of a corner is just as important as having the strength to propel oneself into one. The whole concept of mountain biking is counter-forces; you need to be able to both pump the bike to carry speed and absorb an unanticipated bump on the route. Although both are opposing movements, they are both just as significant. Mountain bike exercise takes a lot of countermovement’s to keep your body always centered on the bike. You must push up and down, move your body from side to side, and back and forth when encountering new trail elements.

Exercise to Incorporate into your Mountain Bike Training Plan

1. Deadlift

A challenging full-body workout targeting the core, hamstrings, and glutes in particular. You can carry it out using the barbell, which should be just before your shins. You must bend over while maintaining as straight a back as you can. With both hands, grab the barbell, tuck your shoulders back, contract your core, and stare ahead. Get up and raise the bar as close to your body as possible. Put it down once more. Recall to engage your back and core just as much when descending as ascending. It will serve as a critical exercise in your mountain bike fitness plan.

2. Squats

Squat exercises aren’t just for athletes. They can be part of your regular exercise routine. They work on your quadriceps and glutes to strengthen your lower body. You must also engage your core muscles. Squats benefit the hamstrings, obliques, calves, and hip muscles. 

Squats aid in weight loss because they burn calories. They also lessen the possibility of ankle and knee injuries. Your tendons, bones, and ligaments around your leg muscles strengthen as you exercise. It also helps to make your knees more stable by relieving some of the weight off them. Your lower body strength has risen, allowing you to pedal farther without exhaustion. 

3. Jumping lunges

A powerful workout to develop and stabilize the hips while targeting leg and core strength. Step back and bend straight down to bring the back leg to a ninety-five-degree angle. Make sure your front leg’s knee is aligned with your second toe. Leap up and switch legs in a single, explosive motion, landing in the same position but with your rear leg forward and vice versa. Concentrate on maintaining an engaged core to prevent the hips and knees from twisting.

4. Plank variation with dumbbells

A powerful core workout that emphasizes the shoulders and back in particular. Assume a plank posture. To maintain a strong back, keep your hips level and avoid sinking into your shoulders. Instead, push outward. Pull the dumbbells up with alternate arms on each side. Remember to bring the dumbbells up to your body to work the muscles in your back and arms. 

Closing Thoughts

Bike strength training comes from regular efforts. It is more about discipline than motivation. These are the go-to exercises to make your ready for your next mountain riding journey. However, you need a reliable bike to improve your riding experience in the mountains. Cambio Bikes offers premium, cutting-edge mountain bikes to make your riding experience worth it. 


How good of a workout is mountain biking?

Mountain biking lowers resting heart rate, increases cardiac muscle strength, and lowers blood fat levels. As you become a more proficient mountain biker, your heart health and strength will rise along with the intensity and duration of your activities.

Does mountain biking build muscle?

Mountain riding doesn’t significantly increase upper body strength. Although it works for many muscle groups and is undoubtedly a fantastic all-around fitness exercise, leg strength gains the most muscle activation.

How do I get fit on a mountain bike?

Mountain biking, like normal cycling, is a source of great cardio. Due to the constant inclines, declines, and rugged terrain, you burn calories more intensely than regular cycling. Hence, it is easily possible to get fit on a mountain bike. 

Can you train on a mountain bike?

Training on mountain bikes and other workouts is a great way to amplify your fitness. It will boost your health and make you fit. Hence, it is entirely possible to train on your mountain bike.

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