Maintaining Geared Cycle during Monsoons

Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Gear Cycle During Monsoons

Cycling during the monsoon season can be quite a Herculean feat, especially for beginners exploring their love for the activity. It is that time of the year when the skies are heavy and the weather is good enough for a relaxing ride. If you are among those who love to experiment and explore new terrains despite the rain, getting a geared cycle will help you tremendously.

Geared cycles have a fantastic quality of helping riders maintain their speed, pedal faster, dodge potholes and climb rugged terrains. They control the rate at which riders pedal per minute. So, whether you have an MTB gear cycle or plan to buy one for your monsoon thrills, pick from the best in the market or buy your gear cycle online.

Top Advantages Of Purchasing Geared Bikes

  • A geared bicycle is unlike any other bike. They enable riders to pedal across different terrains comfortably.
  • The geared bikes also help you pedal faster. They are better than non-geared bikes, keeping mountain cycling in mind.
  • Planning a long-distance journey or participating in cycling events, geared bicycles help you cover greater distances without exhausting you.
  • If riding on the mountain or city roads, geared bikes will ease it up by helping you control speed.

Mountain bikers and ardent cyclists have repeatedly emphasised how geared bikes make navigating easier, whether amid the mountains or riding during the rain.

Bought A Gear Cycle? Here’s How To Maintain It During Rain

Riding during rain can be challenging but also a pleasant experience. While you may be enjoying the weather, it is also imperative that you maintain your bike from moisture and rust. These are a few tips on your checklist post thrilling rides.

  • Clean your bike after every ride. Leaving your bike with mud and dirt can affect its performance. It is always advisable to do it immediately and not keep it for later. Get off the mud or moss from your bike’s tyres, chain, and frame. Don’t leave it on for too long.
  • All bike parts are integral, but the crucial one is the chain. The chain in your bicycle needs to be cared for since it does all the hard work while you enjoy taking a ride.
  • Before heading out for a challenging ride, practice oiling the chains, hinges and levers. This is a necessary step, as water and moisture in your bike can lead to rust formation.
  • Monsoons can make you prone to accidents and even punctures. Therefore, keep a puncture kit ready for your next trip.
  • Check for damages between trips or even when you’re taking longer rides. Take your bike for regular maintenance and servicing. You must take these safety measures to avoid being stuck mid-way or during a long journey.
  • Ensure all the tyres are properly inflated. In case they aren’t, get a quick check done and get them replaced.
  • You must have the lights in your gear cycle working perfectly. Adventure riders will agree that you might encounter any situation during a journey.
  • Get insurance. This will cover your financial loss in case you get into unfortunate circumstances.

Planning A Monsoon Trip? Here Are The Essentials For You

With the mesmerising rain comes wet and slippery roads. You may not foresee and get into a dicey situation. To avoid such issues, wear protective gear, carry a medical kit and, most importantly, have protective headgear. You must cover yourself with waterproof gear so that it helps you to stay dry. Besides, your riding experience should be safe and ensure good health. After all, you shouldn’t be risking your health for adventure and thrill.

Also, do not compromise on the visibility factor. Do not wear dark glasses and tinted headgear, which may limit your vision. Lastly, it is always better to move ahead or get into riding thrills with caution. One such brand working towards making cycling safe is Cambio Bikes. The brand is always upgrading its technology, ensuring riders take to the road in safety and style. To check out their bikes online, head to their website.

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