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Elevate Your Ride with Must Have MTB Accessories

Accessories are often an essential part of an MTB cycle. It complements your MTB and makes it stand out among other bikes. But more than that, accessories enhance rider safety during challenging terrains. MTB bikes are ridden in harsh terrains, and adding accessories provides the riders with an additional layer of safety.

The protective addition can lead to an extended bike lifespan. Whenever you embark on a long journey, accessories can aid in added comfort during such rides. It can represent personal identity to make the MTB cycle truly yours and describe your biking passion.
Whilst the number of mountain bike accessories can overwhelm you, this carefully created list will help you choose the best and most widely used accessories.

1) Helmets

A helmet is among the most important safety accessories you can acquire before you hit the trail. Mountain bike helmets offer more excellent coverage than traditional road bike helmets. A full-face helmet provides extra chin, mouth, and face protection.
The challenging terrain can increase the risk of head injuries. Helmets can be beneficial in such scenarios, resulting in a significant reduction in severe head traumas. Moreover, unpredictable trails present varied obstacles. In such a scenario, a helmet can lead to facial protection.
Moreover, nowadays, helmets are integrated with lights, which are beneficial for night riding since the mountain terrains lack any lights. It makes them a true all-rounder.

2) Footwear

The most important part of your riding kit is your footwear, as shoes are essential to bike performance and control. Uneven terrain needs enhanced grip and stability. The lack of tarmac increases the problem manifold. MTB shoes have robust treads designed to improve pedal grip and reduce foot slippage.
With long rides resulting in foot discomfort and fatigue, shoes incorporate ergonomic and cushioned designs, enhancing comfort during extended rides.
In addition, water-resistant shoes are beneficial as water and rain threaten the foot grip on the pedals. Dry feet keep your body immune and maintain pedal traction in the rain. Another aspect that needs to be considered is using breathable material in MTB shoes, as constant pedaling can cause foot overheating. It results in reduced sweat buildup, which regulates foot temperature.

3) Eye Protection

Trusty and functional eyewear on the bike is not to be overlooked. Not only do sunglasses shield you from the sun’s harmful rays, they provide impact protection and prevent debris from entering your eyes.
Mountain bike-specific eyewear comprises sunglasses and goggles and is a step from your standard fashion sunglasses. Provides extra impact protection when worn with a helmet.
Many brands will have premium options for polarization. The latter aids in visibility when riding shaded trails, responding to the light by the conditions for optimal clarity and vision of trail features, debris or dangers that may be present.
Cambio offers bike glasses with UV400 protective coating, 100% blocking the harmful UV rays to your eyes. In addition, the sturdy material allows the entire lens to isolate dust, wind and sand better. Multi-layer polycarbonate polarized coating is used to achieve the excellent optical quality of the glasses. The wide frame’s design can match most adults’ face shapes. The non-slip temples allow it to fix well behind your ears. You will not feel uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time. The best part is that Cambio glasses can be used for cycling and any sports or outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, cricket, running, etc. It is your ideal sport sunglasses.

4) Lock with Hook

Similar to regular bikes, MTB cycles can be prone to theft. Lock with hook adds to additional security. Since MTBs are more expensive than regular cycles, they also increase the chance of them getting stolen. It deters theft while providing extra security.
Another factor to consider is standard locks are difficult to carry around. Integrated hooks allow easy attachment to the bike. It leads to quick lock-up access with convenient transportation.

Moreover, MTB bikes have an inherent risk of toppling in parking. The hook can stabilize the bike when secured to structures. You can even lock your helmet with the hook without carrying it. Cambio offers a resettable combination cable lock and a hook with five 5-digit code combinations.


Rear Lights are basically a handy accessory when riding in the mountains. It increases your visibility to the vehicles following you. The night rides lack visibility, increasing accident risk and riding in low light increases rear-collision risk. The fast-moving vehicles can detect the MTB sooner, leading to a reduction in accidents.

Moreover, muddy trails can obscure the MTB cycle’s rear. Bright LED lights can cut through the grime, maintaining visibility even in muddy conditions. Cambio offers LED tail lights with a steady super flash. It is equipped with IP55, water-resistant, rain-proof USB rechargeable cable.
Closing Thoughts
The above accessories are beneficial to keep you safe while adding a touch of style element to amplify your ride. Helmets, footwear, and eye protection offer safety while riding, whereas a lock with a hook ensures your MTB cycle’s safety. LED taillights add to the vibrant appeal while being extremely handy in night conditions. While shopping for MTB accessories, Cambio bikes offer a host of accessories to jazz up your ride. Install these accessories and see the change in your MTB cycle for the better.

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