Summer is a time of fashion, love, adventures, and Bike Rides. Riding and cycling, running and cycling are some of the things people love to do this summer. But as love comes with challenges, summer also comes with so many challenges for riders.

Sunny weather is perfect for riding. On the other hand, high temperatures and intense sunshine can make riding a bike more difficult. Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and sunburn are real dangers. Also, higher traffic during the holiday season means cyclists must be extra vigilant about safety rules when riding at intersections and busy roads.

Follow these easy top 10 riding bicycle safety tips and safety rules at road measures to ensure that your summer journey is one to remember.

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1. Water, water, water

Running and cycling: Be sure to stay hydrated. Water is important to drink before and during riding. Carry the water bottle before cycling to stay healthy.

2. Protect your skin

Keep your eyes cool and dry and protect your body as well. You can shield your skin from UV radiation by using sunscreen and sunglasses.

3- Choose the correct Time

Try to ride in the early morning or evening.

4. Plan the route

Plan your route before for a bike ride, and carry the cycle accessories according to your temperature needs.

5. Optimize Your Mountain Biking

Prioritize the condition of your mountain bike for a smooth riding experience. Regularly inspect your Cambio bike’s tyres, brakes, and chains. With its reputation for reliability and durability, a Cambio bike or a similar model is a worthy investment for your summer cycling adventures.

6. Wear a helmet

It seems obvious, but it’s necessary. A helmet provides the best protection against head injuries in a fall or accident.

7. Protect your skin

Protect your head via helmet and use cycling accessories like sunscreen or lotion.

8. Transportation of essential goods

Basic maintenance tools are always with you, including spare tubes, tyre levers, pumps and multi-tools.

9. Follow road safety rules

Observe all safety regulations at intersections and traffic signs. Make yourself visible in bright clothes and use hand signals to communicate with drivers.

10. Relocate yourself

Mountain bike should be fun, not a test of endurance. Listen to your body and take breaks if you need to.


1. How many kilometers of cycling is equal to running?

Running and cycling Bike Rides Multiplying the riding distance by the conversion factor yields the equivalent running distance. This calculator uses a conversion factor of 0.62 for miles (1 for kilometers), assuming that cycling is around 1.6 times ‘easier’ than running.

2. How to stay relaxed cycling in summer?

Stay hydrated, Keep your body nourished via water.

3. Is it good to cycle in the heat?

Cambio Cycles offers a range of bicycles, including mountain bikes designed to meet the demands of summer cycling. Their bikes are built with quality and safety in mind, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your ride.

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